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How to Choose the Right Painting ContractorQuality and Dependability on Every Painting Project Since 2005

Choosing a Good, Reputable and Experienced Painting Contractor
That Will Deliver Outstanding Results is
Not Something You Do Everyday

So You May Not Know What Questions to Ask to
Evaluate a Painting Contractor.

The following information is provided to assist property owners and homeowners in choosing a painting contractor. This is not an exhaustive list and all of the questions may not apply to your situation.

The “Good Guys” in our industry can easily answer these questions and provide you with the proof.

We will be happy to provide you with a complete copy of our consumer guide and step-by-step painting process prior to our first meeting.

Here are 3 areas we recommend you consider in evaluation every painting contractor you talk to:

  • The Reputation and Business Stability of the Painting Company.
  • Their Experience and Methodology
  • Their Service Before, During and After Your Project.

For each area simply ask the questions and ask the painting contractor to provide the evidence to support their answers.

Reputation and Business Stability of the Painting Company

  1. Are you registered with the State of New Jersey as a Home Improvement Contractor and will you provide us with your registration number?
  2. Will you supply a copy of your current insurance certificate?
  3. Can you provide me with a reference list with at least 20 recent customers?
  4. Will you provide us with a reference from your bank and your key suppliers?
  5. What professional organization(s) of painting contractors do you belong to?
  6. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy for any company or organization in which you were an owner that did painting or other home services?

Experience and Methodology

  1. How many painting projects do you do for homeowners each year?
  2. Will you provide a detailed breakdown of the service you are providing?
  3. Do you have a written policy regarding drugs and alcohol by your crews?
  4. How much of a deposit do you require when I sign your agreement?
  5. Will you provide, in writing, approximate start and completion dates for the project?

Service Before, During and After the Project

  1. How long is your warranty? Will you provide it in writing?
  2. What is your company phone policy?
  3. How often do you meet with homeowner to review job progress?
  4. Do you provide a price guarantee?

We hope these questions give you the information you need to make the best choice when it comes to hiring, evaluating and working with a professional painting contractor to paint your home.

We will be happy to provide you with a complete copy of our consumer guide prior to our first meeting. We live by our guide. We know this sets a standard that we can be proud of and that the majority of our competitors can’t match. Upon request we will gladly provide you with our written proof of compliance with each question.

If you are ready to paint a room, several rooms, apply a specialty finish to your walls and ceilings or the entire interior or exterior of your home all we ask is that you include us in the companies you speak to.

Please call us at (908) 309-9296 to schedule your complimentary estimate.